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My Work:

  • Develop and manage online marketing campaigns for Essentially Inspired and Doterra products effectively driving brand awareness, engagement and traffic to social media pages to ultimately drive sales.
  • Plant and natural health education. Create educational material, course content and teach educational material to students within the online school and in personal groups resulting in sales.
  • Organize, festival event booth for SCARR annual charity event. Create display and complete item orders.
  • Develop relationships with customers, and educate visitors on plants, and natural health.
  • Design online webpages, online school and social media educational material.
  • Maintain relationships with new plant and health enthusiasts, and guide seasoned clients through maintaining a natural life.
  • Write and publish educational material related to natural health, plants and wellness.
  • Design and create artisan hand crafted aromatherapy items.
  • Execute product photography and editing.
  • Develop and design graphics, blog, and web pages.

Essentially Inspired Blog on WordPress

I completed the design and development across all of Essentially Inspired’s online presences’.

Social Media Design and Development

Email Marketing Graphics

Essentially Inspired Teachable School

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