C# 6.0 First Look Certification

Course Description

“Get a first look at the new features in C# 6.0—the most simple and efficient version of this coding language ever. Reynald Adolphe takes us through new expression-level features such as nameof expressions, extension add methods, and null-conditional operators; statement-level features such as exception filters; new initializers and members; and the “using static” clause, which simplifies importing static classes. Along the way, he’ll cover the enhanced IDE (with IntelliSense syntax) and improved debugging features in Visual Studio 2015.Topics include:

  • Introducing the new IDE in Visual Studio 2015
  • Leveraging nameof expressions
  • Using index initializers
  • Using await in catch and finally blocks
  • Using static
  • Resolving conflict instance methods
  • Debugging”
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