Accessibility: Keyboard Input and Forms Certification

Course Description

“Keyboard traps can cause a variety of problems and frustrations for keyboard-only users. In this course, Accessibility: Keyboard Input and Forms, you’ll gain the ability to create solutions for some of the challenges that keyboard-only users can face with websites. First, you’ll learn how to ensure that a site is accessible to them, why keyboard focus indicators are essential, how to spot and prevent keyboard traps, and how to make a custom control keyboard-friendly. Next, you’ll discover various methods for labelling and describing input controls, as well as making CAPTCHAs more accessible. Finally, you’ll explore validation messages and error handling, how to link error messages to the form controls, and how to inform a screen reader user that there was an issue with the input. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of the techniques necessary to make a website accessible to keyboard-only users, and how to make forms easy to use for a wider audience.”

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