Accessibility: Exploring Images and Media Certification

Course Description

“Many developers struggle to meet the WCAG accessibility guidelines relating to images, audio, and video content, particularly when working with tables, charts, dynamic charts, and live data. In this course, Accessibility: Exploring Images and Media, you’ll learn how to meet the WCAG accessibility guidelines relating to non-text content on your website. First, you’ll explore the challenges that your website users can face with non-text content, how to use HTML and CSS to describe images appropriately, and what to do in the rare scenarios where a short text alternative isn’t possible, by utilizing some specific methods and useful libraries. Next, you’ll evaluate some audio/video content, learn how to provide appropriate transcripts and captions, and discover some tools to assist you in this process. Finally, you’ll learn about colour blindness and how to ensure that your website has appropriate colour contrast, as well as other sensory concerns like flashing images and auto-playing audio. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of the issues involved with images and media, and how to develop websites that allow this media to be consumed by a wider audience, meeting WCAG Level AA.”

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